Toyotsu Rare Earths India Private Limited (“the company”) primarily believes that a company, being a business citizen, should run beyond the objective of being a profit-making entity. It should develop the society within its reach and accordingly take initiative to contribute towards the welfare of various segments of the society by undertaking socially and economically useful programs for sustainable development of the community and society at large. CSR extends beyond philanthropic activities and reaches out to the integration of social and business goals.

At Toyota Tsusho, we consider the realization of our corporate philosophy through the practice of the behavioural guidelines to be a basic policy of CSR activities. We believe that CSR is the determining factor of how all corporate activities should be.

Donated Water dispenser to Moturupalem Primary School
Donated Computer to Moturupalem Primary School
Distribution of clothes to Moturupalem Village.
Distribution of Clothes to People with Disability.

CSR Committee Members :-

  • Mr. Junichi Wada – Chairman of Committee.
  • Mr. Shingo Kaneta – Member of Committee.
  • Mr. Yasuo Matsuoka – Member of the Committee.
  • Mr. P. Vishnu Murthy – Member of the Committee.
  • Mr. B. Muralidhara Rao - Member of the Committee.
  • Ms. P. Nadiya - Secretary of the Committee.